Types Of Locks 

there are many types of lock for various doors on the market today. here is a guide to the different types of locks available.

A Guide To Different Types Of Locks

1. Mortice LockMortice Deadlock

A mortice lock is fitted inside the door edge and frame to give a flush finish instead of being surface mounted. They are normally suited to work with wooden doors. Installing a mortice lock makes it difficult for intruders to force open, as most of the lock mechanism is secured with in the door and frame. There are a range of security levels available, Your home insurance policy may ask for your locks to comply with BS standard BS3621. A mortice lock can be fitted with a key to both lock and open it or with a thumbturn. 

2. Nightlatches Yale Nightlatch

Nightlatches are fitted surface mounted on wooden and metal doors. There are a range of security levels available from a standard nightlatch to a deadlocking nightlatch complying with BS3621. Some Nightlatches can be used electronically which remotely releases the latch or deadbolt from the strike plate. Many Nightlatches allow for the user to change keys in case of lost keys, stolen keys, etc. by simply changing the lock barrel. We recommend that you have a deadlock fitted to work alongside a nightlatch as a nightlatch alone is not secure. 

3. Multi-Point Locking SystemMultipoint lock

Multi-point locking systems are commonly used externally on domestic front and back UPVC & Composite doors. A multi-point locking system has a minimum three locking positions which lock simultaneously with a turn of a key or thumbturn. The system is assembled in multiple parts allow for individual sections to be repaired or replaced during maintenance. Multipoint locks are generally operated by lifting a door handle lever to engage the locks deadbolt, hookbolts, camrollers or pins, then locking it in place with the turn of a key. There are many different types of additional security which can be fitted to UPVC doors and windows.

4. Electronic Locks

Keyless operated locks are available for Various types of doors wooden, metal, UPVC and composite they can supplement your existing locks or replace your front door lock. Keyless operated locks give you the freedom to open your doors via key card, key fob, pin codes or even with your smartphone, some smart locks let you track who's entering and leaving your property. Smart locks normally work on batteries lasting between six months to a year, smartphone alerts or flashing light let you know the batteries need replacing with some model having a key override. Have a professional locksmith install your smart lock to insure your keyless operated lock functions properly.

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